Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love's Charade

Serendipity, shine your lovely face and reveal the place of far off dreams.
For it seems that I stand in shifting sands as a man with plans that tempt even fate.
Love and hate can not relate yet are as entwined as poison mixed with wine.
A fine line for even dreamers who catch the streamers that fall from life’s grand parade.
Melancholy madness mixed with sadness; the material of which tragedies are made.
From cradle to grave we play love’s charade with boldness despite the coldness of hearts.
We briefly play our part but soon depart out of the spotlight of lifes center stage.
And as we age the questions that linger shall point their fingers towards the elusive truth.
The proof at last presented but much is resented as we come to grips with choices once made.
Yet the price was paid on that pivotal day that is set in stone where demons still freely roam.
And hope remains in this foolish game as love transcends even our darkest hours.
For even the powers of darkness shall retreat against the starkness of the victim that stands in our stead.
And as the seed does fall and in the ground remains yet in that hour shall blossom and flower.
The awesome power of Love shall at last be revealed and forever sealed...
With an eternal kiss