Monday, May 3, 2010

A morning visitor

I was sitting on my front porch one morning last week sipping my morning cop of joe when I see a huge bird swoop in and land on a red oak tree in my neighbors yard right next door. My wife just bought a new Canon Sureshot camera and I was able to zoom in and get this picture of this stunning mature bald eagle.

I've seen bald eagles in the wild before but never this close and this guy stayed for quite a while perched up there just taking everything in. We live near a natural area called Caledon which protects the Eagles natural habitat next to the Potomac river so sometimes they decide to take a day trip and visit our neighborhood. Caledon has miles and miles of walking trails close to the Eagles nesting site but they close parts of trail during the Eagles mating season.
God forbid that we humans interfere with any Eagle lovemaking activities!

I hope to visit the park again soon before it gets too hot but I was glad that they made the effort to come see me for a change :)