Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dreams and Hope

My father passed away several years ago but I pray for his soul often. He had a rough life and although he made my growing up years a living hell at times, he mellowed as he aged and I forgave him for all of those times when he hurt me and others in my family. We had a good relationship at the end.

Last night, I dreamt that I was at a large venue to see, of all people, the Pope.
Dinner was served buffet style and there was a long line so I decided to head back to my table and avoid the throngs of people. As I was walking past the line I met my mother who could hardly contain herself. When I asked what was the matter she exclaimed 'Your father is alive!'

At that moment, the crowd parted and there was my father with white hair in a white suit smiling at me saying 'Yes, I am alive!'. I gave him the biggest hug and felt so much joy to see him.

When I could finally contain myself, I asked him 'Where have you been all of this time?!'

His reply: "I was in Chicago"

Dreams are strange but I do remember at some point that I realized that it was only a dream and that I would have to wake up and he'd be gone again. I remember moaning in my sleep at this moment and eventually waking up.

My father visited me in my dream last night and he appeared to be doing quite well.

and so hope remains