Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mother Hen

I am enjoying raising chickens!

The mother hen, seen coming down from the roost here, rules the nest. She promptly returns to the roost around 7:30 am and comes out shortly after 8am each morning and when she is done there is a nice fresh egg waiting for me. I save them up all week long and then serve them at our family brunch on Sundays. Yummy :)
The other three will start laying eggs in about another 3 months or so.
That will be 4 eggs per day X 7 days a week = math I can't even do without a calculator!

The poop makes great fertilizer too so, about every 3 or so days, I open the side of the roost and clean out the poop ladened sawdust and add it to the composter bin for future compost for my secret garden.

In God's ultimate design, nothing is wasted